Going to Burningman!

Well, it's only days away and an adventurous spirit has taken me over these last several weeks and has been taunting and beckoning me, finger outstretched in a come hither I dare you kind of gesture to take this journey.  So lately, I've decided to embrace that courageous part of me and say 'yes' to things instead of giving in to the excuses we have for staying right where we're at doing what is common place and comfortable.

Since I made the decision I can already feel it in my bones and am caught up in the vortex that is burningman.   I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

I've been meeting all sorts of new and wonderful people and am in with the Entheon Group (A-4) which is camping a la 'lifestyle and the rich and famous style'  As a newbie is a very fine way to do the event for the first time.  They are one of the largest theme camps and build an incredible temple where they host a lot of art and do a spiritual lecture series amongst other things.  They cover all our water and all our food preparing gourmet vegan meals throughout the day, smoothies, tables of fruit, a veritable cornacopia of delectable delights.  They have showers set up for everyone to use (once a day), they have satellite internet access, power for anyone who needs it, a line of RVs setup to block as much playa dust as possible for all the rest of us campers.  As far as accomodations go, I'd say I'm in good hands.

At lot of the people I know that usually go are unfortunately not going this year so I will be forced to explore a bit and make new connections.  If however you are going and you read this, drop me a line and maybe synchronicity will have as running into each other on the playa!

How I am now...gracious and courageous!

  So after several weeks of self indulgence and self victimization that generally follows any emotionally difficult event...I began to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel...

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So what's key for me here is that when we are faced with a very difficult situation we have a choice:
We can be resentful and victimized by our hardships allowing them to atrophy inside us....
or we can face the challenge and grow....

I spent much, much too long doing the former.  An embarrassingly long time.
I am committed to doing the later now.

What are the stones and rocks blocking your growth right now? Where are you in the process of stagnancy and growth?

How I was 4 weeks ago...churning, hurting, scampering

So here's how I was....
So 4 weeks ago or so after the final dissolution of my relationship I was churning, and hurting, adn antsy, and scared.  I was scampering for activity, bridge-companionship, distraction.   My heart was alternately thumping a dirge and screeching a panic...I was overwroght with emotion and hurt and feelings of rejection, even though I initiated the break.   Intellectually I knew it was the right thing, in fact knew it was something that should have been done so very long ago, but the heart doesn't always listen to the head, and if your heart is like mine, it seldom wants to let go even when things are deteriorating all around.

Then a very close friend and confidant reminded me...
He reminded me to take a deep breath and smile because the universe has a lot of good things in store for you.

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Rant on the war in Iraq

So I was listening to NPR today on my drive to an interview Terry Gross was having with a U.S. soldier / platoon leader that had served in Iraq.  He was talking candidly about his experiences there.  I listened to him talk about hating Iraqi's and how their training helps foster this.  I listened to him talk about how they all wanted to kill the 'enemy'.  I listened to him basically totally dehumanize the entire culture...and it scared me.  It scared me that we are systematically brainwashing young soliders, causing them to throw away their moral compasses, and teaching them that killing is good and righteous. 
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Dancing with the universe

When tensions and uncertainty in the world abound I think it is wise to spread some energetic joy!  I just found this video in my inbox and I had to share it here.  It's moving, the music is beautiful and it reminds me that we are all one people, one family on this planet.

Check out this link, I think you'll enjoy! 

In case that one goes away here it is from youtube:
anything is possible


Check out these videos on earthships.  A man named Michael Reynolds has developed a sustainable home that is completely off the grid and is made from recycled materials.  These ships generate their own power, treat their own sewage, collect and filter their own water, etc.

It's pretty ingenious what he's come up with.  Here are a few you tube videos:

4th of July

So, is anyone going down to the auditorium shores or town lake to watch the fireworks this year? 

I usually end up on one of the bridges but have enjoyed scoping out a nice grassy space, bringing along a blanket and a picnic and some wine and listening to the symphony as the fireworks go? Though this particular plan requires getting there early and braving the crowds.

How about ya'll?

The part that nobody sees quiz

<table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2><tr><td bgcolor="#EEEEEE" align=center>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" style='color:black; font-size: 14pt;'>
<strong>The Part of You That No One Sees</strong>
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<center><img src="http://www.blogthingsimages.com/whatsthepartofyouthatnooneseesquiz/red.jpg" height="100" width="100"></center>
<font color="#000000">
You are powerful, passionate, and dominant.<br />
You have a vision of how things should be, and you do your best to make things happen.<br />
People rely on you for your strength. You are a rock to many.<br />
<br />
Underneath it all, you aren't so sure about your passions.<br />
So many ideas spark your interest, it is hard for you to get behind a select few.<br />
However, you see indecision as a sign of weakness. So you pursue your goals full force - no matter how foolish they turn out to be.
<div align="center"><a href="http://www.blogthings.com/whatsthepartofyouthatnooneseesquiz/">What's the Part of You That No One Sees?</a></div>